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Property Management

Long-Term Rental Management

At SunQuest Long Term Rentals, we have established trusted dependable relationships with local companies and real estate firms. Each tenant is thoroughly screened providing owners, along with tenants, total confidence.

Property Management

We offer complete rental management services encompassing tenant acquisition and retention, lease administration, accounting, and property maintenance.

Rental Analysis

Our licensed property professionals are available to help you put your property on the rental market. They are on hand to perform a property assessment and offer recommendations to help you get the top return on your investment.

Advertising Properties

SunQuest Long-Term Rentals uses an array of online, social media, and offline marketing to reach future tenants. Our consistently high occupancy rate and minimal turnaround is a testament to the success of our overall marketing strategy and dedication.

Applications and Screening Tenants

Once a prospective tenant has communicated their desire to move forward to lease your property we perform a detailed screening report verifying credit, criminal background, eviction and rental history, income, and employment.

Document Preparation

SunQuest Long-Term Rentals will put together lease and any other necessary documents using forms approved by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Security Deposits

A Security Deposit is procured from all tenants. This is done to protect your investment in the event the tenant causes damage for which they are responsible. The security deposit is held in an insured trust account in accordance with South Carolina regulations.

Property Inspections

Prior to the tenant’s move-in SunQuest Long-Term Rentals will conduct an inspection to verify your property is ready for the new tenant. Throughout the lease our staff will perform bi-annual inspections of your property to protect your investment. In the event of needed maintenance, our licensed and insured vendors will provide feedback on the state of your property. At move-out, a final inspection will be conducted to confirm there are no damages or other issues that require compensation by the former tenant.

Property Maintenance

SunQuest Long-Term Rentals works along with a variety of local professional contractors to guarantee your investment gets the superior maintenance it deserves. Our team provides emergency maintenance service 24 hours a day and seven days a week to further safeguard your investment property.

Rent Collection

Tenants are offered several options to make payments. They may conveniently pay online with a credit card or bank draft using our secure tenant portal. We also accept payments by mail or drop off at our rental offices.


Accurate and reliable accounting for your investment property is a priority for our accounting department. Monthly statements are available for online viewing 24/7 through our secure owner portal.

Tenant Retention and Turnover

We work diligently to not only keep our owners satisfied but tenants as well. A happy tenant is more likely to renew and less likely to want to move at the end of a lease, creating more value for you.

When a tenant does elect to move, we will conduct a complete move-out inspection and disburse the security deposit in accordance with South Carolina law. Our rental management team will make sure your property is made market ready as early as possible to minimize vacancy.